Why and Our Motivation

Video feedback has optimized our business' productivity to the point we created a project management tool to help us manage projects better. Goleko has this video feedback built and works seamlessly to enhance overall productivity. 

Loom was the video feedback software we used previously. It didn’t offer us great returns for the headaches it caused. The free version had restrictions that limited our work and productivity. The free version had a 5-minute recording limit, which is unreasonable for recording feedback. It also has a 25-video recording limit per month. We ran through this allocation in less than a week. Loom’s free version aims to have you buy their premium version priced at $12.50. 

We still had to download Loom’s application, which experienced many crashes. When the crashes were non-existent, we experienced multiple lags when recording videos. Better connections or better machines didn’t remedy the lags. These problems made Loom a terrible option and investment for us. We took on this project to make our screen recording software. 

We created VideoFeedbackr. We wanted light and simple software to offer video feedback hassle-free. We have no games or tricks to play with you. We wanted something to help us optimize our work and productivity. VideoFeedbackr has optimized our productivity. It will do the same for you.   


VideoFeedbackr has a free version and a premium paid version. The free version has 1 GB of storage space. This storage space allows you to store more videos than the 25-video limit Loom offers. You can delete older videos to free space for new videos you record. The free version also allows for a 10-minute video-length recording. It has double the length of Loom’s allocation. It also records in 720 p resolution, which is excellent for a free version. The videos are available for 3 months and accessible via their unique links. The free version has a watermark but is placed somewhere discreet. 

The premium version of VideoFeedbackr has better perks to offer you. The premium version costs $69 per year. It comes with a 100GB storage space. It is perfect for small teams and organizations to have videos stored for future reference. It also offers a 30-minute video length. The videos are in 1080p resolution, which offers high-definition clarity. The premium version can remove watermarks, making it excellent for all your organization’s needs. This version has a 3-year storage lifespan, allowing you to reference or revise past videos at your leisure. 

We have an Early Bird Offer on the pricing of the premium version of VideoFeedbackr. It costs $49 for a lifetime. It offers the same perks as the premium version. You enjoy a storage space of 100 GB, a 3-year limit for files, 1080p video resolution, and no watermark. This offer is available till the 1st of August, 2024. 


Only you and the people you shared your videos with have access to your videos. It serves and makes your life that much easier. We'll need to inform you of a caveat we reserve while providing this service. We may permanently remove a video from our server if it's reported and confirmed to violate laws, or our terms and conditions. This is a caveat that supersedes the privacy allocation accorded by VideoFeedbackr.

You have exclusive rights to your videos.


What is VideoFeedbackr?

VideoFeedbackr is a simple screen recording software. It offers simple screen recording services for video feedback. It is a simple software built with the motive of optimizing work and improving work. Use it for corporate work, educational purposes, or simple tutorials. It works well for Windows, Linux, and Mac devices. 

What is the pricing range of VideoFeedbackr?

VideoFeedbackr has a free version and a premium version. The premium version has better perks and costs $69 per year. There’s an offer we’re running till the 1st of August 2024. You can get the premium version and all its perks for $49 as a one-time, lifetime purchase.

How can we use VideoFeedbackr?

You can use VideoFeedbackr for different things. You can use it primarily to give feedback on tasks in remote teams, university assignments, or projects in various developments. You can use it to create explanatory videos and tutorials on different software or tools. You can also use VideoFeedbackr to record small videos to enjoy. The uses of VideoFeedbackr are numerous, and you can find the best use for your needs.

How can VideoFeedbackr be used in Universities?

VideoFeedbackr is excellent for professors, lecturers, and instructors to offer feedback to students. It fits well with online learning, which took over post-Covid-19. The professors and instructors can give detailed explanations to their students. It covers what they should correct, improve, and optimize. It replaces traditional written comments that are inefficient and poorly understood. This type of feedback enhances student learning and comprehension. The students have the videos available for future reference, making it an efficient means of learning. VideoFeedbackr changes how we conduct our education, benefitting the faculty and the student body. 

Do I need to download an application to use VideoFeedbackr?

No, you do not. VideoFeedbackr is a simple and light software accessible via your web browser. You only need your device of choice to use it. It’s fast, stable, and efficient. You don’t need to waste time and storage space downloading any application to use it. 

How best can you use VideoFeedbackr?

You can use VideoFeedbackr for your needs. You can use it to give feedback on anything you need and desire. Give feedback to your developers, team, students, or remote workers. You can use it to create detailed tutorials or instructional videos. There aren’t wrong uses for VideoFeedbackr. The only limit is how you decide to use it. 

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